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You can do quality MBBS in China 

China is the largest Asian country and a world power in all sense. It is the most highly populated country on the face of Earth and by the size of it, it covers most of the East Asia. Now, being a economical giant China enforces high standards on its work force and education. Hence, the quality of education is no less than any other country in the word. But, it’s not just that, China offers quality education through world class government universities and that too at affordable rates.

In India very year out all the students who appear for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-Under Graduate(NEET) only 3 - 5 % students are able to secure a seat in a government medical college in India, leaving the rest in limbo. Now other students look for the refuge in private medical colleges but giant fees and huge upfront donations make things only harder for the MBBS aspirants. Here, MBBS from China comes as a safe option, where you can secure a MBBS degree of global standard and that too at the low cost.

Quick facts

  • It is compulsory for aspirants to get qualifying marks in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-Under Graduate (NEET) for MBBS in China.
  • MBBS from China is cheap with lowest fees ranging from Rs 2.5 Lakhs/Year to Rs 5 Lakhs/Year.
  • Living in China is cheap as the expenses fall around 8 to10 thousand rupees per month.
  • The total duration of MBBS in China is 5 years plus 1 year internship.
  • The climatic conditions of China are continental. n summers the average temperature is over 30 degree Celsius and in winters the average temperature is ranges from 1? C to -20? C.
  • China has over 45 quality MCI listed Medical Universities to chose from.
  • A minimum of 60% marks are required in PCB(Physics, Chemistry and Biology) in 10+2 for MBBS aspirants.(For some universities in China, minimum percentage required is 75%)

About China

China is a grand world economy and almost as big as Europe in size, making it a significantly humungous country, both by its presence and importance. China in many ways, defines the East Asian landmass. The official name of China is ‘The People’s Republic of China’. The capital of the People’s Republic of China is Beijing and the largest city is Shanghai, both of which are among the most economically prominent cities of the world. China being a big landmass has varied geography from mountains deserts to plains and ricers, making a topography that it has both the highest and the lowest place on Earth.

Just like India, China too is blessed with a monsoon season and the climate of different places and states is variable depending on the respective geography. The best seasons in most major cities are spring and fall. The climate in China is continental and, even though winters in some places can take the temperature below the freezing point, the summers are not that hot and mostly moderate.

Until 1970s China did not have much part to play in the world economy regardless of its big size and huge populous. But in the past few decades, China has participated more and more in the world trade and has emerged as one of the economic centers of the world with immense foreign wealth flowing in. Hence, as a result of this growth, the education sector has developed to world-class standards in China. Countless Indian students are currently enrolled in colleges all over China in varied courses. China and India share an open trade relationship and it is very simple and convenient for any Indian student to go and study in China as they are very welcome towards international students.

Much like India itself, China is full of traditions, cultures and beliefs making it an interesting and psychologically enlightening place to be in.

Why MBBS From China?

All renowned medical universities in China are dependable and run by the government of China, recognized by WHO, USMLE, IMED, GMC, MCI. Here are MCI listed 45 Medical Universities in China:

  • MBBS in China is at Lowest Fees. Minimum tuition fee of medical universities in China is as low as 2.5 lacs and max. 6 lacs /year for the 5 year course plus one year of internship in India or China. Making China one of the most economical option for MBBS abroad.

All MCI approved Chinese medical colleges are government institutes and provide globally accepted MBBS degree and well planned syllabus.No donation is required for admission in MBBS in China.

Outside of the qualifying marks in NEET examination, no exclusive entrance test or qualifying exam is required to get admission in a medical college of China. Hence, you can get government MBBS College admission in China without donation or over the top NEET marks.

Medical education in China is world class and so is the infrastructure and hospitals.  MBBS Syllabus is thorough and well planned. 1 year internship in China after 5 years of MBBS give the students a better understanding of the life as a doctor. Also, due to large population, the patient footfall in hospitals is high, making it even more beneficial for students. China also provides international students a deep dive into Chinese culture through cultural programs and fests.

Chinese universities offer English Medium MBBS course and there is no Chinese language in course curriculum, making learning even more convenient.

China has continental weather conditions, making it a pleasant place, especially South China which has very similar weather to India due to the yearly monsoon influence.

Chinese government enforces strict and high standards when it comes to safety, law and order. Making China a corruption free country and very safe place for Indian students in China.


Food and lodging expenses are around 800-1000 RMB per month in China. (1 RMB is equal to approximately 10 INR).Every college has excellent accommodation options for students. Indian food is also available in most major cities and universities of China.

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